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Hello, my one or two, readers! Well, the people have spoken. While they still agree to disagree, the debate is over...most people think that recording is saying,'Laurel' and not,'Yanny!' Oh, wait. Did something more important happen? Something about a wave...some say it was blue, others say it was pink. I guess it was a combination of both, because now the House is Blue, the Senate is Red and White House is an angry Orange! Anyway, I can't wait to see what the next two years of a different type of H e double hockey sticks, it will turn out to be! Because if you think sanity has been resorted than I have a bridge for spans the East river and connects two major cities in New York! Okay, enough about that fun town, in Maryland! Let's talk about the year almost being over and GoComics has still not brought back Sherpa! The only good news is that at least two comics made it to the main page. Batch Rejection by Garey McKee and Pirate Mike by Brad Perri. Congrats to you both and I am so happy for you! Still waiting for my chance, I keep repeating...I am not getting any younger! I am breaking down, faster than normal! In fact, I have been home for nearly six weeks, in a soft cast because of a very slight rupture of my Achilles tendon. While it has been nice to catch up on my reading and binge watch,'BoJack Horseman', on Netflix, it's now time to get back to work and throw myself into the holiday season. I like the crazy of holiday retail work, but I realize that I must be careful and not hurt myself again...but, gosh darn it! I like to work! I like my job and my coworkers! Most people can't say that! I am doing therapy on my ankle now at a really great rehab center. They are getting me ready to get back in the game...thanks guys! Thanks to my Podiatrist and his staff, too! Well, that's all my random thoughts for now ( no brain matter was harmed during the writing of this piece!) please enjoy the holidays and have a Happy New Year and remember...waves usually causes flooding...Bye for now!
November 10,2018