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January 24, 2020
Hello my one or two readers...or, maybe I should say my one or nearly 200 followers on Twitter! I still can't believe that I have that many followers! Seriously! I wish that I had done this sooner! To me Twitter just seemed like a place were mean people spout mean things, very angry person, in particular! But then I saw it for what it was. A place were very talented artists
gathered to show off their work and encourage other artists too! I feel humbled to be surrounded by such talented and nice people. Big shout out to the following cartoonists: Brad Perri- Pirate Mike, Jon Esparza- Bubble Fox, Kim Belding- Picpack Dog,
Dana Simpson- Phoebe and her Unicorn, Brian Anderson- Doug Eat Dog, and Jean Okada- Jean. Thank you so, so, so, soooo
much for following me and making me feel wecome to the crazy cartooning community! Another shout out to @Yuki Labrador, @ Prise my Siberian Husky and the all the other wonderful people, who are following me on Twitter... THANK YOU!! If I missed anyone, I am sorry, I basically usually operate on less than 5 hours of sleep! I am also happy to finally update my website. The software that I use for it always, without fail, WILL STOP WORKING WHENEVER WINDOWS DOES AN UPDATE!!! Ahem...
sorry, did not mean to shout. It's just so frustrating when this happens. To get it to work again, I must uninstall the program, make sure a certain file is not clicked, or I will lose all of my work on the web pages. Then, give them my first born in exchange for the activation code...ok, that last line is not true but, it feels like it!! I also post on Pateon but, I hold no interest in asking my followers to support me there until I can at least give them something, like a mug or a T-shirt, for their support. It's only fair and I would love to say, one day- 'You get a mug! You get a mug! You get a T-shirt! You get T-shirt...if you support me with just one dollor a month, on Patreon! Sorry, can't give anyone a car...right now I can't even afford to wash my own car! In other news, there maybe good news about Go Comics Sherpa (but you did not hear it from me...hint hint wink wink!) they may be coming back, after being gone for 3 years! Well, they were not gone, it's just that you could not comment on the cartoons posted there. If it really does come back, I will be there in a heart beat! So keep your fingers crossed and hope you do not have to give up any of your first born children for it's re-activation! Bye for now!