Hello my one or two readers! Well, do you remember when I said a tendon in my knee had torn and I had no idea how I could possibly be walking or even standing upright? Turns out I did need surgery and if the doctor could not fix the tendon, only trim it back, my recovery would be 6-8 weeks. If the doctor could fix the tendon, recovery time would be 5-6...months...Well guess what? He fixed the tendon...HE FIXED THE TENDON!! I am happy and in PAIN! I am also out of work until next year. Let the binge watching, begin! Right now, my leg is in a brace that keeps my knee straight and I have to keep this on for six weeks. It is kind of like being in a cast, only when it itches, I can actually scratch it! With great difficulty but, I can scratch it! I may feel a little painful now but, I know with proper rehab, that it will get better. I also know that I must contol what I eat or I'll become the size of a small whale! Okay, enough about me. let's talk about me! While I am on this unforeseen vacation, I will join Patreon. Patreon is a site that may pay you if your readers like your work. This would be a good way to promote my cartoon and get some feedback, since where I really wanted to put my cartoon, Sherpa at GoComics, is NEVER COMING BACK! So I am done with waiting. I mean come on GoComics, it's been almost three years...three years!! It's a shame because I really wanted to start there but, if this site makes me a little money and I mean a little money! You will not get rich there but, you at least get exposure. So, that's my story...yeeeup...gonna just hang out in my room, with my leg up, mainly because I do have to keep it up! Maybe draw some new cartoons and edit my old ones and hope you guys will check me out on Patreon and give a buck or two, remember...with a small donation of just a dollor a month, you can keep a cartoonist from turning into a small whale...Bye bye til' next time!
August 19, 2019