Hello my one or two readers.. Well it's Fall. Um...yay? You mean your upset that it's no longer hot and your not sticking to your car seat like a cheap hotdog? No? Oh, your upset because retail stores already have their christmas displays up and that Halloween and Thanksgiving, don't exist anymore? Sorry but, tis' the season...now be jolly darn you! I love the Fall. The cool weather, the leaves are changing, the New York Mets are in the post season...THE NEW YORK METS ARE IN THE POST SEASON!!!! Dang, that felt good to say! This gives you something to look forward to and is way better than watching politics...sad, sad, politics. I shall not discuss anything about politicians, but my personal feeling is most(but not all) politicians, are a slightly above what you may step in, walking behind a horse...and that's an insult to what fell out of the horse! On the cartooning front, I'm cleaning up nearly 30 years of comic strip panels, so that I can have at least a year's worth of cartoons, to post on-GoComics- Sherpa page. Man! I still can't believe I have been doing this for nearly 30 years!!! I hope to start posting before the end of the year and get ready for people to critique my work. Most of the other cartoonists , say a lot of nice things about each other's work and give words of encouragement...I'm looking forward to joining them. So, til' next time, Merry Christmas and LET'S GO METS!!!!!
Hello my one or two readers! Happy Holidays! Welcome to winter.... or at least , I think it's winter! Last year it was cold and snowy, basically the winter from that place where the devil lives! But this year, Christmas day will be in the 60's !? What the heck goin' on? Well it's El Nino folks, it's keeping all that cold air in Canada.
Now you'd think people would be happy with this...well they are! No snow to shovel, drive through or just deal with, period! But of course I'll be a Debbie Downer and point out that this is not a good thing. The plants and trees are confused and some are even starting to bloom again, including...ACHOO!! Ragweed! That's the one thing I can count on in winter...THAT THE STUPID RAGWEED WOULD DIE AND LEAVE MY NOSE ALONE!!! But, it's still alive and causing my nose to run off my face and my eyes aren't far behind! I also noticed that even the flying bugs are still around and to top it off, a blood sucking Nat bit me, while I was outside!
Ok, those things should be dead...as dead as the ragweed, but just like zombie's they are still alive! I, for one, don't trust this weather. I bet a major snow storm is waiting for me to buy my train ticket to South Carolina...oh yeah, it's waiting. You see every year,in the middle of winter, I go to SC to see my parents and it is either snowy or frigid when I leave New York. This has happened to me before...twice! Two days, before my departure, a blizzard hit, a blizzard so bad that city buses got stuck in the middle of the street! So I waited 3 days for the tracks to be cleared and had to navigate snow mountains, with my luggage, in order to get to the subway! Well I have all winter to think about that, just like the New York Mets will have time to think about what went wrong! It's ok guys...a true fan still likes you and says wait til' next year and something good did come out of this...now I can afford to buy that ,NY Mets World Series jersey, I wanted! So congratulations to the, Kansas City Royals, your last win was in 1985, so guess it was meant for you. The Mets last win, was in 1986, so...2016 BABY! LET'S GO METS!! In other news, I am still getting my cartoons ready to post on, GoComic's Sherpa page...whew! I never realized it would take so long to clean and color, nearly 30 years worth of comic strips! Well I hope to start posting in January and I hope to pick up more than one or two readers! Bye til' next time!