Hello my one or two readers! Well, sorry for not updating my web site...you can understand right? I need not say why...because we are headed to the place where the devil lives... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! Ok, I had to get that out. Still don't feel better. I could hide under the bed for four years, but I have bills to pay! So, I'll suck it up, pop some popcorn and just watch the coming horror show! I know I keep saying that I will start posting my work on, GoComics,
Sherpa page... still need molla to pay for it, so I still can't say when. And yes, I am using that as an excuse... you didn't forget that I am an procrastinator, did you? I am also a perfectionist, most artists are. We are our own worst critics! So I still will only try to put my best foot forward and hope for the best. Winter is coming... let the fun of complaining, begin! While New York City, didn't got whacked yet , other parts of NY state and the contry have. Chicago just got hit with six inches of the white stuff... speaking of Chicago, I would like to say congrats on your world series win! This New York baseball fan salutes you! But a piece of me is wondering if your win was a sign of the apocalypse ... hmmmmmmm. Bye til' next time!
Hello my one or two readers! Once again, it's been awhile since I posted my thoughts here. I can only say that hiding under my bed is still an option! I prefer not to talk about the stupid, beyond stupid, things that are happening now. I can only say that I'd feel safer if a compatent female were in charge of the nursery that is our government! But, I won't hold my breath and hope that said members, of our government, would grow a spine and do something...but, don't you also need a brain to attach to that spine...oh gawd, WE ARE DOOMED!!! Sigh, okay...enough about stupid...here's some more stupid! It's been over six months since GoComics moved it's Sherpa format from it's main page. Sherpa was for unpublished cartoonists to show off their work and get feed back from the public and other cartoonists. I always said that I didn't have enough money to join Sherpa and now, they want it to be free. You'd think I'd be happy about this but, I only wanted them to make it cheaper... not free! Right now, you can't leave comments on the current website and if you want to give feedback, you have to go to each cartoonist's Facebook page. Argghh! Facebook! I know it's still,'a thing', but I am still not a fan. More dirty laundry gets aired there than a warehouse Laundromat! Anyway, I still hope GoComics brings back the old format...cheaper of course!! Fall is back, the leaves are changing and falling. The weather is cooling down...no, wait... it's NOT! It was 81 degrees the other day...in October. Normal highs, in New York, are the high sixties or low seventies. This is becoming the new normal, which is not good. I always noticed that Indian summers lead to snowy winters. Snow day may be great for kids but , to us adults, snow days mean a lost pay day and not having enough money to pay bills..darn, being an adult! Speaking of adults, when do you think we'll get a grown up in charge of us again? Just wondering... Bye til' next time!