Hello my one or two readers! Well, sorry for not updating my web site...you can understand right? I need not say why...because we are headed to the place where the devil lives... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! Ok, I had to get that out. Still don't feel better. I could hide under the bed for four years, but I have bills to pay! So, I'll suck it up, pop some popcorn and just watch the coming horror show! I know I keep saying that I will start posting my work on, GoComics,
Sherpa page... still need molla to pay for it, so I still can't say when. And yes, I am using that as an excuse... you didn't forget that I am an procrastinator, did you? I am also a perfectionist, most artists are. We are our own worst critics! So I still will only try to put my best foot forward and hope for the best. Winter is coming... let the fun of complaining, begin! While New York City, didn't got whacked yet , other parts of NY state and the contry have. Chicago just got hit with six inches of the white stuff... speaking of Chicago, I would like to say congrats on your world series win! This New York baseball fan salutes you! But a piece of me is wondering if your win was a sign of the apocalypse ... hmmmmmmm. Bye til' next time!